Posted by: Tohar | August 11, 2009

Aller au Vietnam

Have been no business made overseas since March last year, today I will have a trip to Hanoi,Vietnam. First trip to the old unique city having a long history of war between Vietnamese back up by the United Sates of America and Vietcong backed up by Russia. Rambo and Platoon would be the most identical figures about this city. Just a short trip taking about 4 days, but I would see the real exotic city famous for delicious food and the beauty of Vietnam girls. Having more free time, I like to visit the underground tunnel used during the war. It should be in Hanoi anyway. Anyhow, will see the real city and will make some photos there.



  1. ini opo kang? panjenengan mau ke vietnam?

  2. iya nih..baru perjalanan ke vietnam kang…..ada urusan sedikit…..

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